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6 in 1 Multi Opener Tool Jar Bottle Can Opener

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It’s convenient, light-weight, useful, and sensible – it’s the vi in one multi opener tool. No have to be compelled to use separate tools to open your jars, bottles, and cans currently. With this ingenious tool, you'll do vi tasks with ease and modify your room chores.

What you’ll get:

6-in-1 tool: It will perform a complete of six operations: gap antimonial bottle caps, pull tabs, bottle first-rate, jar lids, safety seals, and cut gap the plastic luggage of chips, tortilla, cookies, etc.

Ideal for patients: The vi in one opener tool is ideal for folks with inflammatory disease, weak hands, stroke, and different injuries. It helps you to open the lids by applying minimum force.

Lightweight and sturdy: it's created with plastic that won’t break simply. the outside offers a non-slip grip that is appropriate for all sizes of hands.

Easy to store: The transportable size of the tool permits it to be keep in cupboards and carried in luggage for visits and picnics simply.


  • Sturdy but lightweight
  • Non-slip grip for all types of hands
  • Performs 6 operations comfortably
  • Carry on picnics, car trips
  • Ideal for stroke and arthritis patients


6 in 1 Multi Opener Tool Jar Bottle Can Opener

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