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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

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We've all done it, right? All you wished was some sliced tomato together with your sandwich and every one of a explosive, you are treating your finger for a reasonably, nasty cut! Well, currently you'll keep your hands protected against cuts and abrasions caused by knives, glass, sharp metals and even wood carving and whittling, with these Cut Resistant room Gloves. created with associate interlocking, food-grade fiber mesh, these protecting gloves supply consistent protection from cuts during a type of work conditions.

Comfortable to wear and very versatile and sturdy, the thick fiber material protects your hands from cuts, whereas maintaining breathability and soft-textile quickness, creating it simple to handle little objects or perform tasks that need a firm grip.

These gloves area unit ideal to be used within the room whereas food prepping and process. Dice and chop vegetables and fruits with a chordophone or knife, shuck oysters, fillet fish, grate cheese and tackle general yard work, without worrying of injury.

Clean up is simple, as these gloves area unit mechanically cleanable for ideal sanitation standards


  • Made with excellent quality HPPE material
  • Guaranteed cut resistant
  • Keeps hand from cuts, burns, & other wounds
  • Washable; made by following ideal sanitation standards
  • Offer a firm grip to hold all utensils
  • Measure your palm before order for perfect fit gloves


Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

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