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Dog Hair Drying Vest

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After bathing your dog, dry off excess water employing a towel. Stand the dog on the open drying vest and pull the drying vest up from all-time low. Strap the velcro strip across the highest and tighten the bands round the neck and tail (not too tightly) ensuring to depart space for air circulation. Connect the drying vest tube to the hair drier and choose the wind speed within the coldness vary. The current heat air flowing through the drying vest can quickly dry your dog, and therefore the hair are heat, dry and downy in minutes.
After confirming that hair has been blow dried fully, the drying vest will then be removed and your task is complete! easy to place on and set out. excellent for when wet walks, bath time, hydropathy, working, etc.. No a lot of wet/muddy shake off, no a lot of back breaking work-trying to dry off soggy dogs- and no a lot of malodourous, recent towels!


  • Provides uniform heating & drying effect
  • Easy to put on and off, using a magic strip
  • Comes in elegant blue color that dog will love
  • No more damped & scared dog
  • Works with dryer (dryer not included)
Dog Hair Drying Vest

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