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Exfoliating Silicone Wet & Dry Body Scrubber Brush

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Silicone back scrub is that the favored Back Scrubber for Shower due to its tight however soft bristles that simply bring out dirt with soft rubbing. it's the final word product that helps you get totally clean. It comes with double-sided handles to simply hold in hands and have a pleasing body laundry expertise with convenience. No a lot of bending to select up falling loofas after you have siloxane back scrub with soft bristles.

What you will get:

  • 1 x Silicone bath towel: This product can be used as a scrubber, towel, as well as self-massager.
  • Easy and convenient body washing: It is useable on the whole body without a problem as the Silicone bristles are so soft to help convenient washing.
  • Ease of use: The double-sided handles make it the best and easiest product to use.


  • Made of Soft Silicone
  • Soft bristles design to wash-off dirt
  • Double-sided strips for wholesome cleaning
  • Best for bathing and self-massaging
Exfoliating Silicone Wet & Dry Body Scrubber Brush

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