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FlipBlock Wooden Board Game

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Do you assume you're lucky enough? Let's play FlipBlock wood parlor game, wherever the player with very cheap score wins. appears terribly attention-grabbing, right? Be the primary to review FlipBlock wood parlor game, a game with attention-grabbing rules, and therefore the ending is predicated on however lucky you're to receive solely those numbers that allow you flip the blocks. At only once, four players will play this game; but, it is compete with 2 players also. prepare for complete family diversion on weekends by getting this wood parlor game.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x  Flap board game: You will receive the game made of eco-friendly material that provides hours of entertainment. 

How to play?

The playing interface isn't hard to understand but quite interesting. 

  • Total two or four players can play this game at one time.
  • Every player, on his/her turn, throws the dice.
  • The total of the numbers appearing will be the score, such as if there is 1 and 4 on two dices, the score will be 4+1=5. 
  • On each turn, players will flip the block, and the game will keep going till there is no combination of blocks left to be flipped.
  • In the end, the player with the lowest score will win. It means the player who covers all the tiles on his turn will win. 

Note: 0.5-2cm differences can appear in size due to manual measurement; thanks for understanding.


  • Made with Solid wood material
  • Color as shown in the pictures
  • Eco-friendly, Solid, and stable material


FlipBlock Wooden Board Game

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