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Handheld French Fry Chopper

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Never thought creating Irish potato can be most FUN!

With our hand-held French Fry Chopper, you get good, crinkle-cut fries with each chop of the blade. The blade is specially designed, formed sort of a wave, to chop cleanly rippled lines as it's ironed down, through the potato. something home-brewed is healthier and therefore the French fry chopper makes cookery reception fun!

Angled, for augmented leverage, the blade is tall and wide to accommodate even larger fruits and vegetables.

Easy to use, merely press the blade through the vegetable to form those good, crinkle cuts. For waffle cuts, rotate the vegetable ninety degrees between cuts and cut near to the sting.

  • The chopper is robust, sturdy and encompasses a sharp blade
  • Suitable for creating hand-made potato chips, vegetables or melon slices.
  • Great for creating fancy edges and waffle cuts on numerous fruits and vegetables.
  • Material: PP + stainless-steel
  • Size:(L)X(W) 14X 9.5 cm
Handheld French Fry Chopper

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