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Multi-Angle Template Hand Tool

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The Multi-Angle template tool is that the good angle-measuring tool!

It permits you to scribe or live tough angles in seconds, thus you get correct, precise angle cuts that match sort of a glove and it's not only for angles! you'll be able to live and confine multi-step or multi-angle cuts and scribe similar to a professional and be the guy everybody raves about!

The Multi-Angle Template Hand Tool is ideal for:

  • Roofing angle cuts
  • Deck miter joints
  • Scribing object shapes
  • Tile angle cuts
  • Bricks and paving stones
  • Floor angled joints
  • Trim scribe angles
  • Dual angle cuts
  • Repetitive angle cuts
  • In name the angle and the Multi-Angle Template Hand Tool will scribe it!

Essential For Your Tool Kit!

Carpenters, tile layers, brick masons, joiners, boat builders, woodworkers, metal workers, trade professionals, handymen and DIY home users all love this tool...the Multi-Angle Template Hand Tool is an essential addition to your tool kit!

Precisely measured, perfectly cut to fit - job well done! Now you can do the job just like a pro...and be the guy your mates are all raving about!


  • Made with durable material
  • Designed to give accurate measurements
  • Best for woodworkers and wall-makers
  • Warranted correct measurement
  • 4 rulers for accurate multi-angle hand measurements
  • Also measures unsquared shapes
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, multifunctional tool


Multi-Angle Template Hand Tool

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