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Silicone Lazy Foot Brush Scrubber Massager

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Stop golf shot your heels in danger with those ancient pumices that scrub at the value of burning and carmine skin. create your shower gratifying and restful, as if your feet area unit at the hands of a massage healer of a high spa in your city.
What you"ll get:

• Massage and foot-care together: The long polymer bristles guarantee your feet get deep massage that improves blood circulation and helps you to relax. together with the massage, this superb mat works as associate degree exfoliation device furthermore, making certain your dead skin is removed and deep cleansing is provided.

• Non-slippery: there's no risk of slippy because the suction force of this semiconducting material pad is thus robust that it will not allow you to fall despite you rubbing your feet unendingly on the mat.

• For back massage as well: Quite apparently, not solely will this lazy foot brush scrubber physiotherapist massages your feet however scrubs and massages your back furthermore. simply stick it with any of your washroom's wall and rub your back with convenience.

Silicone Lazy Foot Brush Scrubber Massager

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