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Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow

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Specially designed to stay your arm from falling asleep whereas you're, this wonderful arched pillow, is dead compatible and specifically created to suit the human cervical vertebrae. It offers soft support and luxury to your neck bone.

The Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow options super soft memory foam that springs right back to its original form once not in use and also the pillow's soft cloth cowl is removable and straightforward to clean. giving you the final word in relaxation, this snug and sturdy pillow cushions your head, neck and shoulder to alleviate painful pressure points and supply you with a deep, satisfying sleep!

So cuddle up, about to your honey, ANd ne'er worry once more regarding waking with an aching, numb arm! This unbelievable pillow is ideal for off guard at your table whereas you are on your lunch break at work or faculty. you'll even use it whereas on vacation and luxuriate in a peaceful night's sleep, even once you are not in your own bed!


  • Made with super quality Polyester, ABS, Flexane
  • Firmly thick, giving your neck a foam support
  • Enough room to support head & shoulder while sleeping
  • Light weight makes it conveniently portable
  • Useable from both sides
  • Best for cuddling or in case of neck pain
  • Comes with soft removal fabric cover, easy to clean
  • Lights up your romantic moments
Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow

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