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Stainless Steel Garlic Presser

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The stainless-steel Garlic Presser is that the excellent tool for dainty garlic, for unbelievable flavor in each dish you prepare!

This innovative, press is simpler and a lot of convenient to use than alternative a lot of ancient presses. In fact, this hand-held garlic presser provides you with a safer grip and higher leverage for a neater, lighter hold. The technology style uses the natural motion of your hand to mince the garlic and also the press moves simply, victimisation the load of your own body. It's ideal for those who have issues victimisation typical presses.

The garlic is not simply crushed, however small cut, that helps to preserve the aromatic oils of the garlic!

Dishwasher Safe


  • Made with durable & rust-free stainless steel
  • Mince whole clove with just one punch
  • Doesn't crush but offer micro-cut garlic
  • Easily fits in hand for effortless chopping


Stainless Steel Garlic Presser

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