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The Cutter Bowl

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Chopping up all those ingredients has ne'er been simpler!

1. Place ingredients into the bowl and wash to wash. confirm the ingredients fill less than 3/4 of the bowl.
2. shut the bowl and confirm the higher cowl aligns properly with the bottom.
3. Cut the ingredients, through the cardboard slots, into little items.
4. Rotate the higher cowl ninety degrees ensuring the bottom is aligned with the higher cowl once more.
5. Cut the ingredients through the cardboard slots once more to create them even smaller. Repeat as necessary.

The Cutter Bowl can even be used for chopping up fruit.

Bowl on the market in Blue, White and inexperienced.


  • Makes salad preparation fast and easy
  • Prevents your fingers from hurting
  • Bowl and pedestal can be used separately as colander & cutting board respectively
  • Easy to clean and store


The Cutter Bowl

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