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Vegetable & Meat Roller

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With its straightforward, one-motion operation the Vegetable & Meat Roller makes it simple to arrange delicious food rolls right within the comfort of your own room. simply lay the leaf down, spoon your filling on and move the slider forward. Yes, it extremely is that easy!

This valuable time-saver can permit you to create massive volumes of tasty appetizers, good for any party. With the Vegetable ANd Meat Roller you'll build an endless kind of delicious delights - victimization grape leaves, cabbage, feeder or meat fillings, dish and paper. made of sturdy, high-quality, food-grade plastic, the roller is non-toxic, scentless and utterly food safe. Solid and long lasting, it is used once more and once more.

Make skilled food rolls in seconds.
Perfect food roll/sushi maker, this handy room tool is that the good roller for your healthy, meat-filled, vegetable- wrapped meal!
Make dish or food rolls with ease.
No mess to scrub up, simple to use, convenient and healthy!
Simply place the leaf on the roller-band, spoon your selection of ingredients right the leaf and move the slider forward!


  • Creates a roll in under 5 seconds
  • Stuff the wraps with the filling & run the slider
  • Made with food-grade, odorless plastic material
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Base pads for secure resting on the surface
  • Make as many sushi, meat, vegetable or rice fillings as you like
  • Ideal for home gatherings and family celebrations
Vegetable & Meat Roller

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