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Wolverine Meat Shredders

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Adamantium may be a natural for shredding meat, however one can not help questioning if Wolverine has ever thought of victimisation his claws to shred grilled meat, significantly, big butts of pork, slow grilled and smoky on the BBQ. you would possibly also spread it with sauce to finish! maybe in retirement, he'll place those retractile, super sharp claws to even higher use running a food truck. within the in the meantime, however, you'll simulate the technique of propulsion and shredding your own grilled meats with a combine of your terribly own, Wolverine-style meat claws!

Unfortunately, these Wolverine Meat Shredders are not plated with Adamantium, which suggests they in all probability are not indestructable. however as long as you are victimisation them for his or her supposed purpose; chopping, cutting and shredding meats, then these 5" Claws ought to hindrance once referred to as upon. They conjointly build your mundane room tasks feel simply a bit additional badass!


  • Made of ABS food-grade durable plastic
  • Ideal for chopping, cutting, and shredding meat
  • High temperature resistant
  • Anti-skid and scald handle


Wolverine Meat Shredders

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